Glass repair for new-build apartment building

New-build apartments can be a tough sell, but it’s a glass repair industry that can be profitable.

In New York, a glass industry that is growing rapidly and making waves with its innovations, there is a glass replacement option for many apartment buildings.

The city’s Glass Capital, a nonprofit that helps build and renovate glass and other building materials, is offering a glass shop to help the city recover from the earthquake and other natural disasters.

The program is part of Glass Capital’s Vision 2030 vision to bring New York’s cityscape into the 21st century and provide affordable glass solutions for all residents, according to the organization’s website.

Glass Capital has offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The glass repair shop, called The Glass Factory, will be located at 733 E. 29th St., in Manhattan’s Flatiron district, and it will be open to the public, said Jessica M. Hines, Glass Capital vice president.

The location is adjacent to the new-construction apartment building at 3rd Avenue and E. 44th St.

Hines said Glass Capital is not providing any free services to the residents of the new building, which is undergoing construction.

But Hines said the shop will provide a range of services, including repairing glass that is not yet finished and offering repairs for the next couple of years.

“We are offering a service that we have done for years,” she said.

The new building at 723 E. 34th St.—the largest apartment building in Manhattan—will be the largest of the building’s five buildings and the only one in the Flatiron neighborhood.

It will be completed later this year.

The building is slated to be finished by the end of 2021.

Hills said Glass has made several major renovations to the building, including a new floor to the elevator, new windows, new floors and new kitchens.

She said the company will also work with the city to upgrade the exterior and add lighting to the apartment building.

“There are so many things we are doing to make it better,” Hines told the Times in an email.

Glass Capital’s vision is to help restore the city’s architecture and the skyline, she said, noting that it’s already started to do that.

“It’s amazing what New York has become because of the incredible things we have achieved,” she told the newspaper.

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