The first glass beach with a crystal lens is coming soon in Indonesia

Glass Beach is coming to Indonesia soon.

The first glass Beach in the country is set to be built in Bali and will be called Glass Beach, the brand says.

The resort will feature a spa, restaurant and bar.

Glass Beach is located at the popular Bali Beach Resort and Spa in Bana Bali, on the southern island of Bali.

The hotel will be named Glass Beach Bali as a nod to Bali’s unique crystal-shaped glass.

“Glass Beach Bambang is a natural wonderland of natural beauty and unique beauty in the Bali Sea.

Our glass Beach will bring you the perfect environment for relaxation and fun in Balsa, a destination that is known for its natural beauty, natural beauty with a touch of sophistication, and a unique Bali feel,” the brand said in a statement.

The Bali glass beach will have four rooms with terrace, spa, pool, sauna and gym.

The hotel will also include an entertainment room and restaurants.

Glass Beach will be the first resort in Bays area.

The Bana Bahri Resort and Beach will have glass, ceramic and metal water fountains, saunas, a sauna, a gym, a spa and restaurants, according to the brand.

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