How to get a perfect look in your glasses

Burberry, Samsung and Microsoft have joined forces to produce a new range of glasses that could make the best-looking glasses for your eyes. The companies have joined hands with Google to create a new line of glasses for people who want to get the best out of their technology.

The ‘Sphinx’ range will offer high-quality optical design for the purpose of reducing eye strain and improving vision.

Sphixes are designed to give people with high vision a new and improved way to look at the world.

A new line called ‘Spirits’ will feature a new design that will look better than the ‘Saphir’ range.

The company’s marketing team said it is not the first time the company has worked with Google.

The pair had worked together on the ‘Project Glass’ project in 2014.

“This partnership is not only about bringing Google to the forefront, but also about helping Burberry and Samsung bring their brands to life,” the marketing team wrote in a blog post.

Spirations will feature three colours of glass, with black being the ‘sophistate’ version and silver the ‘intellectual’.

The glasses are expected to go on sale in October.

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