How to make anti-glare glass glasses

Glances that appear to be covered in water or fog are not only possible, but even beneficial, a new study suggests.

Researchers from the University of Colorado-Boulder and University of Pennsylvania tested two types of anti-glass goggles, one that blocked out the light emitted by the outside world and another that only allowed it to pass through the transparent glass.

Both types of goggles allowed the researchers to see what was happening to the glasses, but only the transparent one was able to provide a clear view of the outside of the goggles.

While it is possible that this is a case of a person seeing a ghost, the researchers say they found no evidence for this.

The researchers also say the glasses were not clear enough to tell if they were being seen by the person wearing them.

This means the goggles are not actually protective against the harmful effects of air pollution, like haze, or the harmful effect of fog and foggy weather.

But the goggles do have a positive effect on eye health, according to the researchers.

The researchers say the clear view provided by the glasses is enough to be able to see how the light was coming through the lens.

They found the clear light also increased the sensitivity of the eye to ultraviolet light, which is a form of light that is emitted by certain plants and animals.

“It’s a pretty big deal because we don’t know how much ultraviolet light we’re getting,” said lead author Elizabeth Gaffney, an assistant professor of environmental science at the university.

“If we get less ultraviolet light than what’s being absorbed by the human eye, we’re not getting as much of it.”

The study was published online by the journal Environmental Science and Technology.

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Original article on Live Science.

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