Which is the best wearable for the blind?

Smart glasses are a great way to add a touch of sophistication to your home.

However, a new study shows that they can also make your home more distracting.

The study by researchers at the University of Adelaide and the University at Albany found that smart glasses are more distracting than glasses that do not use a contact lens, such as a smartphone or tablet.

The research found that when looking at images with a pair of glasses, people with normal vision were more likely to focus on the edges of the screen, while those with visual impairment tended to focus more on the middle of the display.

“We think that people with vision impairment have a more focused vision,” said Dr Sarah Tingley, a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Human and Machine Cognition at the university.

“So it might be that they’re not as attentive to the edges.”

The study also found that people who are visually impaired tend to use a more “natural” form of colour vision, rather than using a device that relies on light to display the colours of the scene.

For the study, researchers asked over 800 participants with normal or visual impairment to use coloured glasses to make a series of images.

They then played a series videos of objects, with one video playing the image of a bottle and the other playing a video of a person with a similar visual impairment.

Participants then rated the intensity of each image on a scale of 0 to 10.

“The most important finding is that people are able to detect the difference between the image on the left and the image at the bottom of the video,” Dr Tingling said.

“That suggests that people use their natural colour vision to judge the intensity in the middle.”

She added that the study also revealed that some people who have a visual impairment also have difficulty with using a touch-screen device, such a smartphone.

“These people might not be as responsive to the touch-screens, but they can be responsive to other things like a touch pad, which is a touch device,” she said.

The findings suggest that the visual impairment in people with visual impairments could affect the way they use the visual field and the way the eyes focus on objects.

The researchers say that the findings do not mean that people without visual impairment are unable to use glasses.

“It’s just that they are less responsive to touch,” Dr Nasser said.

She said that this may be because people with a visual deficit use their visual vision to find the objects in the images they are looking at.

“They have a way of looking for the things in the image and they use their eyes to see it,” Dr Sisler said.

They also say that people may not be able to perceive the differences in contrast between images, such that they could not tell whether an object was a glass or a bottle.

“I don’t think this is a big issue,” Dr Pinto said.

But she says that the fact that some users may not have an issue with using touch-sensors to navigate a room might be the reason why people might be less likely to use them.

The Australian Association for Blind People (AAB) has also supported the research, and said that using glasses or contact lenses to look at the screen could be helpful for people with disabilities.

“If we can understand that this is something people with certain disabilities can use to get around, it may make the difference in how people with other disabilities manage,” AAB chief executive officer John Murray said.

For people with special needs, it’s important to ensure that there are options to help them to access the right information, as well as a way to make sure their experience is recognised and treated appropriately.

“Access to glasses and contact lenses can be a great help for people who require them, particularly in remote areas,” Dr Murray said in a statement.

The AAB said it would also encourage users of smart glasses to keep a record of the colour of their glasses and the brightness of their display.

For more information on smart glasses and their use, visit the AAB website.

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