‘You’re a star’ at a young age: Meet the ‘star’ who was just 16

When you think of the beauty queen, you might think of someone with flawless skin, long blond hair and a stunningly beautiful face.

You might think she’s a beauty, too, but in reality, it’s a story about a young woman named Rose.

Rose has always had a story.

It’s the story of how she was able to grow up in a very different place, and a very special place.

For Rose, it started with her father, who she said was a very difficult man.

Rose grew up in an era where girls in the U.S. were not allowed to play sports, and so Rose was always bullied.

She remembers being so bullied, she wanted to go to school, but she couldn’t.

She needed a safe place to be safe.

So Rose moved with her family to the small city of Roseville, California, just north of Los Angeles.

She was a small child, she said, and there were just so many people in the small town.

Roseville, which is in the Santa Monica Mountains, was also the place where she had the opportunity to go and do her first beauty class, the Roseville Academy, where she learned how to use makeup and hair styling.

She also started wearing a mask, because that was her first step towards being able to be a good mother.

Rose’s parents were both doctors, so she spent most of her childhood at the Rosemont Hospital in Los Angeles, where her father worked as an intern.

Rose was very proud of her mother, who was an intern at UCLA.

She graduated from Rosemont in her senior year of high school, where many of the students who had just graduated from high school were doing their first full-time jobs.

She said she would see these students walking up the hallways in high school and thinking, “How could this be?

I’ve got a job, and I’m doing my best.

But I can’t be like that because I’m a beauty.”

Rose was very happy with the choices she made.

She decided to attend a beauty school that focused on her looks, and she started to really embrace the look of beauty.

She started applying for beauty schools and applying for scholarships to pursue her studies.

The school in Roseville offered Rose an opportunity to study beauty at an elite level.

She didn’t know if she wanted that.

She had no idea how much money would be available.

She applied to be the Miss California and Miss USA beauty pageant finalists in 2006, and her mother was extremely proud of the outcome.

“It was such a great feeling to have a win like that,” Rose said.

“The school really stood out from the other beauty schools, because they were the only ones who offered that kind of scholarship.”

Rose graduated in 2007 and began working as an assistant to a beauty stylist.

The stylist she worked with was a girl named Jazzy, who had been working at a beauty salon.

When she started working there, Rose had no clue that she was going to be doing the exact same job that she had before.

It was her second job, but Jazzys success with her stylist was a turning point in Rose’s life.

She would go on to work for a year and a half at Jazza.

She ended up graduating with a master’s degree in cosmetic surgery.

It was at this time that Rose met her future husband, Chris.

“Chris was one of the people I loved most in the world,” Rose remembered.

“He is the reason I have this beautiful smile on my face.

And I knew that if he had this kind of job, I would be able to have this life and make this dream come true.”

But for the next year, Rose would work at Jazz-Wash and be paid less than her male counterpart.

She became one of many women to be offered less money in beauty jobs.

“I was getting paid $10 an hour to do a full day,” she said.

But Rose said that wasn’t the problem.

It wasn’t until one day, she was being called into her office to talk about a job she was interested in.

It turned out she was in the makeup department at a spa called Rose City Spa, and the sales representative told her she had a contract to sign.

Rose knew the job was for the right type of person, and that would be a woman.

But the sales rep was telling her that she would be the one making the final decision.

“I said, ‘I have a family, I have kids, I am a single mother of two, and if you pay me less, then I am not going to work,'” Rose said with a laugh.

“He said, okay, well, you’re going to have to work.

But if you don’t work, I’m not going be able.

So I said, fine, but if you do work, we’re going down that path

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