“Fake glasses” may be coming to the U.S. soon, but they’re a long way off

The fake glasses may be arriving soon, as researchers have developed a way to manufacture them in a lab.

A recent article in Scientific American claimed that a new batch of glasses made of graphene could help combat eye fatigue, but there’s no telling whether the material could be useful for real-world use.

The study’s lead author, Daniel Clements, said the material would provide a way for researchers to make glasses that are durable enough to wear under a variety of conditions, including wear and tear.

Clements is also working on a pair of glasses that could provide protection against light pollution and heat.

He and his team say they’ve been working on graphene-based glasses since last year, but the material was first synthesized in 2015.

The new graphene glasses could be used in a variety to meet the needs of the eye, from glasses for doctors to prevent damage from heat stroke, to glasses that can be easily cleaned.

The team says they’re still working on developing the technology to make the material, but that they’re aiming to commercialize the technology by 2021.

The material is not a new invention, but it has proven to be a challenge.

Previous attempts to make graphene glasses failed because of problems with manufacturing, which led to costly manufacturing processes and poor quality control.

That meant the lenses would eventually fail, too.

“We’ve been trying to make it work in a factory, but we’re just not there yet,” Clements said.

“It’s a challenge that we’ve never encountered before.”

For the new glasses, the researchers had to take into account that the material is flexible.

“You can bend the material,” he said.

The researchers were able to produce the glasses with a diameter of about 0.7 millimeters.

The glasses, which are now available in the company’s online store, are also made of a transparent material, which allows for better light transmission and better clarity.

The research has been supported by the National Science Foundation.

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