New glasses design from designer glasses

Designers and glasses brands are embracing a new design trend that allows users to customize their lenses with an LED light, according to new reports.

The trend has seen glasses companies including Google, Amazon and Apple all making their own LED lenses, or the new LED glasses, according a report by The Wall Street Journal and The Verge.

“People are getting very creative with what they can do with LED glasses,” said Steve Stauffer, CEO of Staufer Labs, an independent optics company.

“They’re doing something different, but it’s still very similar to what you would see in a normal pair of glasses.

It’s not going to change the look of the glasses, but if you want to have a very specific look, you can do that with LEDs.”

While the new style has some limitations, Stauff said it’s a better option than trying to match a specific type of glass with a particular brand.

“I think this is really about making sure you can customize your own style,” Stauf said.

Google Glass was unveiled earlier this year and has been a hit with the tech industry, with Apple and Amazon all releasing their own version in the past year.”

The LED glasses look very similar, so that’s the first step.”

Google Glass was unveiled earlier this year and has been a hit with the tech industry, with Apple and Amazon all releasing their own version in the past year.

Stauffer said he’s seen a big improvement in the quality of LED glasses over the past few months.

“In the last couple months we’ve seen a lot of improvements with the lens quality,” he said.

The LED lenses have also been able to cut down on glare, which is one of the most common problems with traditional glass.

The technology has also been a big hit with consumers who prefer a clean look.

“If you don’t want to be distracted by a pop-ups, you’re not going.

You can go with an eye patch,” Stauer said.”

It’s a different way of looking at the world.”

For more information on this topic, see the video below.

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