Grant Glass has joined the ‘Glass TV Stand’ team

Grant Glass, who has created an iconic TV stand for the last 10 years, has joined a team of over 50 to design a TV stand that will replace the current one he designed for the US.

Glass has created a TV box that uses a projector to project a picture of the television, which can then be viewed on an LCD screen.

He says he has spent months working on the design, and he believes the result is worth it.

“I wanted to make something that is truly unique, something that was so different from any TV that you had before,” he told the BBC.

“The technology of the TV, which is so old, was so powerful.”

Now it’s a much more difficult challenge because you have to make it so much smaller.

“It’s about a hundred pounds to make, so I wanted to do something that could be made in a matter of days, with a computer.”

Glass, who also created the TV stand used by Disney, Apple and other entertainment companies, said he did not know how many other people had designed TV stands before him, and that he was confident the new design would work.

“If there are people who haven’t worked on this before, I hope it’s not just me, I’m sure there are a lot of people out there,” he said.

I’m a very proud dad’Glass, whose wife Annalise is a doctor, said it was “so rewarding to have the support of the family” when he was working on his latest project.””

I think we’ve built a really good product.”‘

I’m a very proud dad’Glass, whose wife Annalise is a doctor, said it was “so rewarding to have the support of the family” when he was working on his latest project.

“That’s really the most rewarding part about it, to be able to say, ‘I’m going to be a father to my daughter and I’m going be a dad to her, and we’re going to build something that’s really special,'” he said of his daughter, Grace.

“Grace’s life will be different than any other child.

She’s going to have a bigger role, she’s going, ‘Dad, I want to be in the same room as you’.”

That is the ultimate goal for me.

“The team, which will work on Glass’s designs for around a year, will also be building prototypes.”

We’re hoping to be ready to sell this by Christmas,” he added.

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