How to Get the Best Wine Glass for Your Car

A glass-filled car is a lot easier to drive through a rainstorm than one that’s filled with water, according to a new study.

The research, conducted by researchers at Duke University, found that when the windshield is glass, it can provide a much better windscreen and more wind protection than one filled with drywall.

In fact, the researchers found that a glass windshield can protect the driver better than a glass-covered windshield.

According to a press release from Duke, this study found that “when the windshield glass is made from the same materials as a drywall, the windshield’s ability to protect against wind and rain is equivalent to that of a glass dome.”

It also found that glass windshields were better at deflecting the wind than drywall windshields. 

The researchers tested seven windshields that had a glass roof, one that had no glass, one with glass roof and one that didn’t have glass roof.

When the researchers compared the windshields to their drywall counterparts, the drywall fared slightly better, according a press report.

When they compared them to the glass-and-drywall models, they found that the glass roof was slightly more wind-resistant than the dryblock glass, which was slightly better than dryblock. 

Researchers tested glass and drywall models by installing a 1.4-inch-thick drywall layer over each of the windshield windows, and compared the results of the glass and glass-free models.

They found that both the dry and glass models were better than the glass model at deflectring the wind. 

“The glass windshield has a significantly higher wind-protection capability than the wet-glass windshield,” said Richard Sauer, a professor of aeronautics and astronautics at Duke who was not involved in the research.

“We expect that this is because glass provides the best wind protection against the wind.”

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