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A new technology that allows people to store glass containers and glasses on their windows has been tested by a company in New Zealand.

The Glass Storage Container (GSC) was invented by Dr James Molloy, who uses it to store bottles of wine on the front porch of his house.

“I thought it was the best solution to having glass containers on the window sill,” he told ABC News.

Dr Molloys wife, Sarah, was also on hand for the demonstration.

“It’s a glass container for wine, or a bottle of wine,” Dr Molls wife said.

“You put it on the door, and then you put the lid on and it’s sealed.”

The technology works by storing the container in a glass-filled glass container, and filling the container with water.

“The idea is that you store your glass container in the glass container so that it’s going to hold its shape,” Dr James told ABC Radio New Zealand’s Newstalk ZB.

“So if you want to put a bottle or a glass of wine in the bottle and then put it in the refrigerator, you can just fill the bottle up with water, and when you’re ready to drink it, you’ll find the bottle is empty.”

The device works by sealing the container so the contents stay inside.

“If you want a glass bottle, the first thing you want is to make sure that the container’s seal is tight,” Dr Alain said.

Dr Alains family has used the technology in the past.

“We’ve had glasses of wine and champagne, a bottle, a glass, and we’ve had to empty it in our refrigerator,” Dr. Alain explained.

“But it’s so much more convenient now because you have glass containers.”

A glass bottle of champagne in a bottle Source: YouTube / Dr James Alain Glass Storage Containers were once commonplace in New York City, but it was a long time before glass was commonplace in the United States.

“There was a time in New England where they didn’t even have glass bottles,” Dr George Burt told ABC New Zealand about the history of glass containers.

“Glass was only used as a tool for breaking down rocks and so forth, so it was sort of the only material that they used.”

Glass bottles in New Hampshire, where glass was first invented, are still in use.

Glass bottles, and bottles of champagne, were common in New Mexico as early as the 17th century.

Glass containers have been used for centuries, even though glass is no longer the most common material in the world.

The New Zealand company, SDSGlass, is using a new technology called the Glass Storage System (GSS) to solve the problem of glass bottles.

“When we’re looking at something that’s already a standard and a safe material for glass containers, we can use it in a very safe way, and so it’s really a win-win situation,” Dr Jules Mollory told ABC.

“Because you can get a glass storage system that’s safer than glass bottles, you’re reducing your risk of injury.”

Glass containers for wine and wine glasses in New Jersey Source: Flickr/Robert Paine Glass Storage Systems are being used by wine and alcohol manufacturers around the world to store wine bottles, wine glasses, and other types of glass.

In Australia, a company called SDS Glass is developing a glass bottles and glass wine storage system to meet the needs of a growing number of wine producers around the country.

SDS glass bottles are used to store grapes, other wine grapes, and wine for a variety of other beverages.

“SDS glass wine bottles are the most commonly used container in Australia,” said SDSglass.

“They’re used in supermarkets, they’re used to make wine glasses and for wine glasses,” said Dr Jams.

“And the other thing is they’re very stable, and they’re a really good choice for wine bottles.”

Dr Alairs family, Sarah and James.

Source: ABC News via Twitter The company is now testing the Glass SDS for use in wine storage.

The test is taking place in New South Wales, and is part of an ongoing project that Dr Alames family, and their four children, have been undertaking to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

“This is a fantastic technology, and I hope to see more companies using it to help people who can’t do anything else,” Dr Thomas Alair told ABC Local Radio.

“People with disabilities are often left with their own problems.”

The family are working with the State Government to make the GlassSDS as affordable as possible for those who need it.

The family plan to give away the Glass System to someone with a disability.

“Everyone who has a disability, they are going to have to buy the Glass to help them,” Dr John Alair said.

The SDSS is a patented technology that has been used to help prevent falls and other injuries

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