‘Glass showers aren’t just for kids’: Canadian military wants glass shower doors to prevent soldiers from falling in

Broken glass, broken doors and broken windows are all part of a military mindset, but it’s not the only one.

And now it appears the Canadian Armed Forces are thinking about getting rid of them.

The military has been testing glass shower door prototypes at bases in northern Ontario and Quebec and has identified a need for the glass in the new generation of military-grade shower doors.

The soldiers and their families will need the doors to open in the event of a power outage, said Cpl.

Dan Rochon, spokesman for the 1st Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment, in an interview with The Canadian Press.

Glass shower doors are designed to break apart, but are not intended to break glass.

It’s meant to protect soldiers from glass debris that can fall on them or their vehicles.

The Army has been trying to come up with ways to keep soldiers safe since the Columbine High School shooting in 1999.

In the last year, the military has tested more than 200 shower doors and found the military-style shower door to be more effective than those with handles that lock.

The doors have been installed in about 2,500 shower rooms across Canada and in the U.S. in hopes that the doors will be a more cost-effective solution for soldiers and families.

The Army says it’s trying to keep costs down and improve operational readiness.

The soldiers will get the doors after their deployment, and a new generation will get them after the first deployment.

“The Army will test all of our equipment on the field for a period of time,” said Rocha, adding that the Army plans to put them on the doorsteps of troops in the coming weeks.

“It’s going to be a gradual rollout, but we expect it will be in place at the start of their deployment.”

In Ontario, the soldiers will be given an option of the door with a plastic handle or a metal handle.

Rochon said the Army is still in the early stages of the testing and that soldiers will not be able to go back to their units for the first time until they have the new doors installed.

The military is working on a “new generation” of glass shower-door prototypes that will be installed in all military facilities across Canada by the end of 2019.

The prototypes have already been tested at various bases in Ontario and the U-S., and the Army hopes to have them installed at bases across Canada within the next few months.

The army has been working on the prototypes for more than a year, but they are not yet in production.

But the Army said it plans to have the doors in service as early as 2019.

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