How to make a stained glass pattern in an afternoon

Engadgets –  “My father-in-law came to visit us this year and asked me to decorate his house,” Ms Pang said.

“I wanted to use the stained glass in my home.

I also made a picture frame for it and painted it.”

I used the glass as a table and I used the pictures to make some small pictures on the walls, and the wall paper and the other pictures.

“It is an artistic project and I like to create things.”

Ms Pang, from Kachin, made the pictures using the traditional Chinese ink called denglong, a type of paint that is used for making decorative objects.

“It was really hard because I was not able to use a Chinese ink.

I just tried to use dengold,” she said.”

The pictures were so hard to create and it took me three days to do them.”

But it was the right thing to do for my family.

“Ms Surya and her husband Kishan made the table and the pictures by hand.

Ms Sorrya said the couple had made a number of items from scratch, but they wanted to have something they could pass down to their children.”

We want them to be able to have the same knowledge of traditional Chinese culture,” she explained.”

So they will be able create something like a painting on the wall.


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