What you need to know about glass bottles

A new glass album design from Japanese glass manufacturer, Glasshouse, will be on sale this week, but its main selling point is that it is a completely glass-free alternative to the traditional bottles.

While its creators believe it is the best way to drink wine and beer, its makers have been accused of using a glassware design that has been likened to those of Coca-Cola and Budweiser.

The idea of a glass-based wine bottle is an interesting one, and its makers claim that their glass is both durable and tasteful.

“The glass is designed to be completely free of micro-particles that can cause injury and destruction,” said the company’s product development manager Hiroshi Fujiwara in a statement to TechRadars website.

“It is a new kind of glass that can not only hold wine in its own glass bottle, but also to drink it.”

The company also said that its glass has a low viscosity which makes it easier to pour, as well as a lower carbon footprint than bottles made of polyethylene and other similar materials.

Glasshouse is one of the few companies to have launched its own premium glass bottles in the past decade.

Its flagship, the Tuna, costs around $4,000, while its smaller glass bottles are sold for around $3,500.

The company says its glasses are more environmentally friendly, as they are made of a combination of carbon dioxide, water, and organic chemicals.

While Fujiwasa has said that his glass bottles can hold up to 50 liters of wine and can be used in restaurants, the company has been criticised for its packaging.

It’s also not clear if the company is planning to sell its bottles at a premium price or if its products will only be available for purchase through other online stores.

The company has also faced some backlash from consumers after its bottles were accused of having a high carbon footprint, as it was reported that a large portion of the packaging of its bottles contained chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite.

Glassware is a popular part of Japanese culture, and the use of glass in its production is considered a way of keeping things clean and sanitary.

In Japan, however, people are increasingly starting to question the quality of their own glass.

In 2015, more than half of the households in Japan surveyed by the Japanese government reported that they did not drink their own wine, according to a survey.

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