The 30-Year-Old Teen Who Was Born With A Brain In A Glass Box Is Now an American Idol Contestant

MTV News has confirmed that a 30-year-old man with a brain in a glass box is now an American idol.

The man is known only as “Benjamin,” who appeared on American Idol last year, where he performed the song “No More Lonely” by the band The Strokes.

Benjamin was born with a condition called neurofibromatosis, a degenerative disorder of the brain that affects the central nervous system.

His parents, a former professional wrestler and a retired professional boxer, decided to give him a new lease on life when they discovered he had the condition.

Benjamin told the Associated Press he was diagnosed with neurofiber optic neuropathy, or NFO.

The condition causes symptoms like pain, dizziness, fatigue, and vision loss, and is thought to be the result of a combination of genetic factors and traumatic brain injury.

He said he started taking anti-inflammatories and vitamins, and eventually stopped drinking.

He also had to undergo a full brain scan.

He has since developed an incredible amount of confidence in himself, and has taken up a variety of different hobbies, including painting and performing.

He was the first to win an American Music Awards Best Dance Artist award last year for “Gotham,” which also featured Taylor Swift and Kylie Minogue.

Benjamin says that he was given a glass of wine when he entered American Idol to try to win the competition.

“I’m not a big wine drinker, but I’ve had wine once or twice,” he told the AP.

“But the other day I had wine and it was amazing.”


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